Crystal Band Christmas Concert Hosted by the Carbondale Historical Society and the Berean Baptist Church

   This year's Crystal Band Concert took place on Sunday, December 5, beginning at 7 P.M. in the main hall of the Berean Baptist Church in Carbondale. The Church is located at the corner of North Church Street and Lincoln Avenue. This was the twenty-seventh annual Christmas Concert by the Crystal Band that has been co-hosted by the Society and the Baptist Church. The conductor for this year's concert was Ms. Doreen Hughes Ignatovich.

     The Crystal Band is a concert band that was organized in 1879 in the Petersburg section of Scranton as a boys' brass band. At that time, there were as many as fifty thousand concert bands in the United States of America. Today such bands are a rarity.

     "Bands like the Crystal Band that have survived are truly community treasures," said S. Robert Powell, Executive Director of the Carbondale Historical Society.

     This concert is sponsored by the Carbondale Historical Society and Museum, as a Christmas gift to the community, and by the Berean Baptist Church. This was a free concert which any person could have attended. Refreshments were served following the concert.

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